Sydney Layout

Sydney’s Layout

One of the largest cities in the world, the metropolitan area has about 650 suburbs that sprawl about 70 km to the west, 40 km to the north, and 60 to the south.

Greater Sydney extends from the coast at the east back to the foothills of the Blue Mountains, with a relatively compact CBD located around ibondi beach sydneyts famous harbour.
South of the harbour are the desirable inner suburbs and densely populated beaches, including Bondi Beach.
North Sydney, connected to the CBD by the Sydney Harbour Bridge and tunnel, is home to a thriving business district and some of Sydney’s most affluent suburbs, including the Upper and Lower North Shores.
According to the Real Estate Institute of New South Wales, the suburbs of Bellevue Hill, Vaucluse, Palm Beach, Dover Heights and Mosman were amongst the best selling Sydney suburbs for property investment in 2014 – not surprising, given they are all waterfront localities within the city’s inner ring.
Plans are underway to build a motorway link to open up access between the pricey eastern suburbs and the western district, which makes up the majority of metropolitan Sydney.
Changes in positioning of major companies to outlying ‘mini-cities’ like Parramatta may see a shift in buyers heading to these cheaper housing areas and employment opportunities.
Developers have anticipated this, but as is often the case, they’ve gone overboard and there is now a significant oversupply of new and off the plan apartments in Parramatta