Property Management

Mint Residential offer a large portfolio of Oaks Hotels & Resorts managed and operated buildings throughout Australia’s CBD locations & resort destinations.

Management options:
The Oaks group offer various management options to suit individual owner needs whilst incorporating operational methods to maximise owner profits. Management options are outlined below:

  • Permanent tenancy – Long term rentals
    Mint Residential offer one of the largest city based rent rolls. We’d gladly assit and facilitate a permanent tenant for your property if this is your preferred option. Specialising in al CBD and hear city apartments, having your property managed by our team & network has its advantages.
  • Performance Undertaking – for Corporate Letting (Fixed Return for Oaks / Minor buildings)
    Minor International / Oaks Hotels & Resorts’ corporate letting proposal provides you with a fixed income stream derived from a gross weekly rental as your asset is managed within our short-term corporate letting pool. We will also offer a performance undertaking, which is a fixed amount that we will negotiate at the commencement of the agreement and pay each month with no down time, regardless of occupancy and after management expenses. We are also committed to delivering a higher return than the permanent rental market.
  • Performance Based Management – for Corporate Letting in Oaks / Minor managed buildings
    If you elect to partake in a performance based income arrangement you would receive returns dependent on how the property performs in the serviced apartment letting pool. This agreement also allows you to take full advantage of our marketing expertise, primarily targeting the corporate and leisure travel markets, conference bookings as well as utilising multiple marketing channels, your asset will be promoted consistently via our sizeable internal database and external agent partners.
    With a management fee of 12% plus GST on the income your apartment generates, you would be responsible for expenses incurred, however, this arrangement may produce a higher net return per month than the Performance Undertaking arrangement. Given the seasonal nature of the property, the returns will naturally vary month to month and be indicative to demand but generally can be higher at this agreement level.