Oaks Group


Oaks Group Hotels & Resorts offers Hotel and Resort Apartment Accommodation in a wide variety of locations including Australia, New Zealand and their latest addition in the United Arab Emirates.

Since its foundation in the early 1990’s The Oaks Group have preformed in a superior manner in this unique industry. With a focus on investor returns The Oaks Group have consistently deliver a premium return to investors: not just short-term gains but solid financial returns over the long-term.

Over the years The Oaks Group have closely worked with a number of development companies to provide successful project launches and hotel openings. As part of his operation, efficient management systems have been developed focusing on maximisation of investor returns.

While the same depth of management and sound business principles are applied to each property under management, The Oaks Group ensures that the distinguishing characteristics of each are clearly defined and utilised in the marketing campaigns to achieve unique positioning in the marketplace. This includes maximising the potential of associated facilities such as restaurants and conference centres.

With a clear focus on the need to meet the expectations of guests and the performance required by investors, Oaks Group Hotels & Resorts are well placed to deliver successful outcomes on all future management undertakings.

Oaks Group Hotels and Resorts has grown to over 38 apartment hotels in Australia, New Zealand and Dubai. Our property portfolio includes CBD apartments properties, resorts overlooking coastal beaches and villas set amongst acres of tropical landscaping and lagoons. The common link amongst our properties is the professionalism of management, and a continued drive to achieve exceptional customer service.